• Free Displays!

    We are so passionate in our pursuit to support our local nonprofits that we provide the custom displays to each our of our retail partners for free! Each wooden display is hand-made with a custom engraving of your local river nonprofit. Feel free to reach out on our contact page for our wholesale discount!

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  • Meaningful Recurring Revenue!

    With our co-branded displays, not only are you raising awareness for your local nonprofit, you are also driving donations for them. At River Collective Co. we donate 20% of our revenue from each retailer to their associated local nonprofit. The more you sell, the more money you raise for your nonprofit!

  • Efficient Marketing!

    We include an informational card with the display for customers and employees to easily understand their local nonprofit's work and how their purchase provides donations to them. Creating demand for a versatile product that can be sold in a number of retail sectors. Including hardware stores, coffee shops, fly shops, gift shops, gas stations, liquor stores, breweries, rafting stores, outdoor equipment stores, etc.

Current Retail Partners

20% of our revenue flows back into local rivers! 
With the help of our local retail partners and artists, our goal to generate substantial recurring revenue and much-needed river advocacy for local non-profits has proven to be a huge success! We are proud to share we have donated a total of $60,643.97 to date!

Take a look at our current retail partners below to find where you can pick up a one-of-a-kind decal that supports your local river and retailer! 


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