Our Mission

The mission of River Collective Co. is to help address the ever-increasing challenge of water scarcity throughout the Colorado River Basin and beyond. Worsening drought, growing demand, and accelerating climate change threaten our vital river systems. With the help of our local retail partners and artists, our goal is to generate substantial recurring revenue and much-needed river advocacy for local non-profits dedicated to aiding our struggling watersheds. 20% of our revenue flows back into local rivers!

Colorado River Basin Water Crisis

A 20-year megadrought induced by climate change, increasing wildfires, and population growth are all factors contributing to the dire situation residents of the Colorado River Basin are facing today. If no action is taken, the comfort of living in the American Southwest will no longer be a reality. It is up to the 40 million people of the 7 basin states who rely on this water to shift our collective consciousness towards river revitalization, smart water policy education, conservation encouragement, and advocacy for a more sustainable future.

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How Does This Affect You?

Water concerns are not only prevalent in the Colorado river basin. Montana, Washington, Oregon and Idaho are facing similar challenges due to worsening drought conditions. When our water supply is threatened like it is now, the ecosystems we rely on start to deteriorate, causing a myriad of problems for people in these affected regions. Last year alone, drought cost the US $21 Billion! Click the linked article below to learn how each state is working to combat these issues, and to find out ways you can help.

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