Our Mission

The mission of River Collective Co. is to help address the ever-increasing challenge of water scarcity throughout the Colorado River Basin and beyond. Worsening drought, growing demand, and accelerating climate change threaten our vital river systems. With the help of our local retail partners and artists, our goal is to generate substantial recurring revenue and much-needed river advocacy for local non-profits dedicated to aiding our struggling watersheds. 20% of our revenue flows back into local rivers!

The Colorado River Basin's Significance

The simplified Colorado River Basin Map here illustrates how vast the basin is and just how many people are reliant on the health of the watershed (estimated at 40 million people by The Nature Conservancy). Although the West has received notable amounts of snowpack the past few winters, studies show that groundwater retention will continue to struggle due to increased averages in summer and winter temperatures.

So what does this mean? Less water will go to the river as much of it will be absorbed by the depleted groundwater. "In 2021 the Upper Colorado River Basin reached 80% normal snowpack but delivered only 30% of average streamflow to the river (Desert Research Institute, 2024).

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