Our Mission

The mission of River Collective Co. is to improve upon the water crisis in the Colorado River Basin. Worsening drought, growing demand, and ever-increasing climate change threaten our vital river system. We aim to collectively help this dilemma, connecting the upper and lower basin through partnerships with river nonprofits and retailers.

Through sales of our locally designed trout decals at retail locations we generate recurring donations for our amazing nonprofit partners with the same goal in mind. 20% of our revenue flows back to local rivers!

Help us connect friends, artists, and nature with respect for the most important resource we ALL rely on!

Colorado River Basin Water Crisis

A 20-year megadrought induced by climate change, increasing wildfires, and population growth are all factors contributing to the dire situation residents of the Colorado River Basin are facing today. If no action is taken, the comfort of living in the American Southwest will no longer be a reality. It is up to the 40 million people of the 7 basin states who rely on this water to shift our collective consciousness towards river revitalization, smart water policy education, conservation encouragement, and advocacy for a more sustainable future.

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