Since 1989, the American River Conservancy (ARC) has been preserving the American River, Upper Consumnes River and land for life. As a non-profit community organization in the central Sierra Nevada foothills, we work to preserve natural areas and cultural resources and build an enduring ethic of care, building a sustainable future for humans in harmony with nature.

American River Conservancy



The Feather River Land Trust protects critical headwaters and habitats for thousands of wildlife and plant species in the Sierra Nevada’s largest watershed—a source of drinking water for 27 million Californians. Join us on our mission to conserve the lands and waters of the Feather River region and steward their ecological, cultural, and educational values for current and future generations.

Feather River Land Trust


Our Mission at Kern River Conservancy is to implement our education initiatives focused on watershed conservation, responsible public land use, native trout preservation and community outreach. Our goal is to transform visitors and campers into stewards of our forests and wild rivers with the aspiration of exhibiting positive influence on eco-tourism and social impingements that affect the Kern River.

Kern River Conservancy



Take care of land; Take care of self

Our mission is to bridge the natural interconnectedness between nature and mental wellness through land stewardship and mental health services in the rural communities of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Rivers. Take care of land; Take care of mind

Sierra Refuge



We envision a vibrant river safe for drinking, teeming with wildlife, and welcoming for recreation. We exist to protect the Tuolumne for present and future generations. For over 40 years, we have continued this decades-long legacy of restoring and protecting this irreplaceable watershed that spans from the Sierra Nevada Mountains through the Central Valley to the San Francisco Bay. 

Tuolumne River Trust