Friends of the Verde River works collaboratively for a healthy, flowing Verde River system. Friends of the Verde River envisions a healthy, flowing Verde River and tributaries that support our natural environment, vibrant communities, and quality of life for future generations. We focus our work on restoring habitat, sustaining river flows, and building supportive communities. We proactively engage in a combination of “boots-on-the-ground” projects and policy solutions guided by sound conservation principles and which meet human and environmental needs in an outcomes-oriented manner.

Friends of the Verde River



The Oak Creek Watershed Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to preserving the health and integrity of Oak Creek. Oak Creek is a perennial, spring-fed stream that stretches fifty miles from its headwaters in Oak Creek Canyon, and flows through Sedona, Page Springs, and Cornville to its confluence with the Verde River. As one of the last free-running streams in Arizona, Oak Creek is a precious jewel of riparian habitat in the desert Southwest, where human activity has destroyed over 90% of all rivers and streams.
With increased tourism and visitation, Oak Creek’s unique riparian ecosystem is being challenged like never before. Sedona alone gets an estimated three million visitors per year, and many of those visitors naturally want to be in or around Oak Creek. It’s simply beautiful, and a great place to be – particularly in warm weather. Sadly, the result is massive increases to littering, wildlife disruption, habitat degradation, and microbial contamination. Oak Creek is being loved to death.
Oak Creek Watershed Council works to mitigate that through stewardship engagement; partnering with local agencies and interest groups; outreach and education; and scientific monitoring.

Oak Creek Watershed Council